1. Sad to hear even more sad news today: the Mackintosh building is lit up in fire and smoke… a bad accident happend. Thought to re-share these photos of this indescribable beautiful building with you, I hope at least something can be recovered. 

  2. From the beautiful green landscapes from the highlands, we are moving towards the urban landscapes of the highway in Glasgow. Can we still talk about beauty?

  3. Hurray for a little off-centre compositions! I can almost imagine the roads fade into rails into water. Can you see that too?

  4. Looking back, I realize how much I learned about photography, editing, and curating. I think I should decide to travel again… :D

  5. Sexy curves and an occasional little white house… who would expect to capture that on your way to the Scottish Higlands?

  6. Here in the Netherlands the sun is shining - finally. But back then in November, on my way from Fort William to Glasgow the weather was shit but at least the view looked like a painting. Maybe some impressionism?

  7. So GSA’s Product Design department moved to the brandnew and super-white Reid Building, but good old Skypark wasn’t a too bad place after all: look at that lightning! and view!

  8. Post Two in the series of: What Designer Leave Behind: A Post-it Graveyard. 

    (Source: upeka.nl)

  9. In November I took the train back from Fort William to Glasgow, and almost at the very end of this 4-hour-journey, sun going down and train moving forward, took these pictures. Moving lines, blurry trees, but can you find the sharp details?

    (Source: upeka.nl)

  10. Not so much to say today